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Here you will find information of how to improve your personal and professional productivity by the introduction of new technologies in your working processess, especially those regarding the Internet, including the famous “cloud” and document management.

Both people and companies have inertia-driven processess and, due to lack of knowledge or just because it has always been like that, they became waterproofed to new technology, reducing their productivity ratios.

One of the best examples of this inertia is the way companies still manage their documents. In the Google, iPad and Facebook era it is amazing that companies keep managing the documents like they did 20 years ago.

They all use ERP, CRM, etc… for their data, but the documents are still organized in folders (in paper or in the hard drive) and waste thousands of working hours searching or sending attachments in e-mails.

In our next posts we will help you to detect those productivity leaks and we will give you the least disturbing alternatives to your current processess. We hope to be useful!

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